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Kwon’s Shatterizer Review

The Shatterizer concentrate vaporizer, designed in Canada, is engineered for cannabis concentrates and extracts. It delivers perfect clouds, every time! The black or silver aluminum globe shaped atomizer is durable, matte on the outside, smooth on the inside and a hit with connoisseurs appreciating flavour! The battery operates for approximately 40 hours with 2 hour charge, has 3 variable voltage settings and a 15 second continuous heat option. Shatterizer’s all-inclusive Starter Kit comes with Instructions, Aluminum Atomizer Globe, 2 Quartz Dual Coils (QDC), 2 Coil Caps, 510 Thread Battery, Magnetic Storage Container, Charging Cord and Dab tool. 

Kwon’s Glueberry Wax Review

Like its title, this LIVE Wax is a mouthful and it’s full-spectrum. Shatterizer’s Gorilla Blueberry OG Wax is whipped to perfection with the highest level of terpene preservation in the process. Made from LIVE fresh frozen material, it took less purging to bring out the rising flavours within this hybrid. The fusion between Blueberry, GG and OG Kush co-parent strains make up the taste, the name and its very best qualities. Winterized perfectly for all seasons, our Shatterizer LIVE Wax has a refined and defined taste. With a golden consistency, this wax has a glistening finish.

Kwon’s Bong Review

Our latest products and cafeful selections of smoking devices for the bong user. We hope our products help to move these changes forward for you and guide you to a beautiful new way of smoking. Discrete and Distinct, Clever and Creative, Deceptive and Daring.

Kwon’s Tutorial – Bong Maintenance

Bongs can get notoriously dirty and stinky. The resin that builds up on the inside of your bong is a tarry mess and can be extremely difficult to clean. Here’a some insight on how to remove the grime.