Find Your Path

Our paths are categorized to help you identify what each cannabis product is designed for. We have created the paths to help you easily find a product that matches your desired effect. Search through our paths and find the one leads you to the place your looking to be.

Rock & Roll is designed for:

Arousal | Party | Social Settings | Upbeat

When you want the right pairing for a celebration, social situation, or a little sexy time. Looking for that certain groove? Something to help you hit your stride. When you want to lift your vibe and keep things upbeat. ROCK & ROLL is our cannabis pathway for products geared towards getting your party going and keeping that beat alive.

Take it Easy is designed for:

Relaxation | Silences | Unwinding | Calm

Looking to take things down a notch? When you want to slough off the day’s heaviness and let yourself unwind. When you want to kick back and enjoy a calm and quiet environment. Sometimes you just want to chill. TAKE IT EASY is our cannabis pathway for products geared towards finding a little peace for your body and your mind.

Rise and Shine is designed for:

Energy | Focus | Drive | Activity

When you’re looking for an energy boost morning, noon, or night. When you need the drive to get at your to-do list and the focus to get through your to-do list. When you want the perfect pairing for your active moods. RISE & SHINE is our cannabis pathway for products geared towards getting you going, keeping you going.

Head in the Clouds is designed for:

Creativity | Productivity | Imagination | Innovation

When you’re in the mood to get those creative juices coursing through your veins. For days when you want something to compliment and amplify your imagination. When you’re feeling the need to be productive and you’re looking for that spark of inspiration. HEAD IN THE CLOUDS is our cannabis pathway for products geared towards titillating your brain and facilitating your sense of innovation.

Sweet Dreams is designed for:

Sleep | Recharge | Relieve | Soothe

Sometimes your body just needs to power down so it can rest and recharge. When you’re looking to soothe yourself and find a sense of relief. When all you really want is a break or a deep and restful sleep. SWEET DREAMS is our cannabis pathway for products geared towards setting your mind and body adrift so you can rejuvenate.