Our Pledge

We, Blunt & Cherry, believe that elevating the Canadian cannabis industry starts with simplifying the world of cannabis for all users through ongoing discovery and education. We are not just a retailer, but an educator as well, ensuring the right products are placed into the right hands.

We believe in clean competition and are committed to creating a fair playing field in the cannabis industry that ultimately places the highest quality products on our shelves and gives our consumers the best value. We will never sell shelf space to suppliers. Our menu is carefully curated by our experts and includes products our customers come back to time and again and products that we believe, through experience, deliver the best quality and value. We will never operate at a loss to eliminate competition. And, as we grow as a company, we vow not to flood neighbourhoods with our shops.

Our customers are entitled to the best shopping experience we can offer. We strive to refine what this looks and feels like as the industry shifts and as we grow. For us, an excellent customer experience includes being a trusted source of information and products. Our customers never have to worry about us selling their data to a third-party. Our customers can rest assured that only products we deem worthy of their money make it to our shelves. Our customers can rely on our experts for well-informed guidance and recommendations. Our unique customer-focused retail experience (which includes Toronto’s only Cannabar) was designed to take shoppers down a purchasing path that places the right products in their hands, ensuring they achieve their desired experience.

With so much choice in the industry, our aim is to make our customer’s choice simple and their desired cannabis experience enjoyable.