About Us

Blunt & Cherry is a licensed cannabis retail brand in Toronto and home to the city’s first and only Cannabar.

We are an education-focused cannabis retailer and that is quickly becoming a go-to destination for product discovery, education, and community. Through our unique consumer experience, designed to take you down a purchasing path that places the right products in your hands, our aim is to simplify the world of cannabis for long-time users and beginners alike, acting not just as a retailer, but as an educator as well.

We are your elevated dispensary destination

Blunt & Cherry Potency Scale: developed by our team to help you choose the right cannabis strength. Whether they are a beginner or a connoisseur, navigating cannabis potency can be challenging. Blunt & Cherry’s colour scale acts as a visual aid to simplify your shopping experience. Each colour represents a range of THC present in any product. Find out more…

Puff Puff Path: Blunt & Cherry Paths are categorized to help consumers identify what each cannabis product is designed for. We have created the paths to help you easily find a product that matches your desired effect. Find out more…

Toronto’s only Cannabar: pull up a seat, peruse our menu, and chat one-to-one with a Blunt & Cherry expert. At Toronto’s only Cannabar, you can get hands-on with new products, and connect with others in the cannabis community while taking in art created by local creatives.