Travel Safe – Smell & Water Proof Storage

100% smell-proof, 100% water-proof storage container
This unique little capsule is the perfect place to store your valuables or goodies and keep them safe. Its rigid outer shell will help protect the contents from any drops or bumps. While the airtight seal will ensure that no nosy characters nearby will be able to smell anything. Perfect to keep things inconspicuous on a long road trip! Heck, this thing even floats and is 100% waterproof! Drop it in the water and just paddle on over and grab it and keep that party going! Chrontainer is the original 100% smell-proof, 100% water-proof storage container, able to lock in even the strongest odors. Its durability and versatility are unmatched by any other container on the market today. Proudly made in the United States. Made of food-grade plastic. BPA and phalate-free.

  • Chrontainer Features:
    100% Smell-Proof
    100% Water-Proof
    Made of Food-Grade Plastic
    BPA and Phalate-free
    Display of 24 Chrontainers
    Lanyard inside Chrontainer


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