Remidose – Live Resin Citrus Drops – 30ml

Potent. Portable. Precise. Live Resin Lemon Drops are resealable, convenient, portable and have great value. Live Resin Lemon Drops gives you more of what you want and less of what you don’t. No emulsifiers or artificial flavours are added whatsoever. Nighthawk Live resin is developed using carefully standardized hydrocarbon extraction method. Live resin is strain specific and is not reconstituted by mixing in diamonds or terpene sauce. As per Nighthawk’s vision, we believe that live resin should capture the Entourage effect in its composition. Unlike infused beverage options available on the market today, Live Resin Lemon Drops are free of emulsifiers. Live Resin Lemon Drops provide an elegant solution for all consumers.


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30 ml


1.3 mg/drop, 130 mg


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