Piranha – 12″ Straight Tube with Ice Pinch

Piranha straight tubes take you back to the basics. Piranha’s simple yet classic water pipe design is made with high-quality boro glass and is ideal for users looking for a bong with a longer neck. Piranha straight tubes feature a 3 pinch ice catcher which also makes it easier to grip and provides nice cool hits. These straight tube water pipes come with a 14mm herb bowl and a 6″ long downstem with a percolator to create a robust filtration while efficiently diffusing smoke.

  • Size: 12″ Tall
    Made of Borosilicate Glass
    Tube Size: 38mm x 7mm
    19mm Percolator Downstem
    14mm Herb Bowl
    Built-In Ice Pinch
    Easy to Clean


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12 Inches