Kinloch Wellness – Refresh™- CBG + CBD Mango Gummy Drops – 4 Pack

Refresh™ CBD + CBG Mango Drop. This value pack contains uniquely shaped naturally flavoured terpene enhanced non-pectin soft chews, each with a 1:1 ratio of 20 mg of CBD and 20 mg of CBG. These European confectionery-style soft chews have a great mouth feel and are made by hand in a low-temperature process that preserves the broad-spectrum effect of the terpene and cannabinoid combination. This highly flavour focused soft chew is presented in a pleasing custom drop shape. We source low THC plants that are hand-tended by Canadian farmers and grown outside in the warm sunshine of Ontario’s southern farmlands. Using efficient extraction methods, we have removed the THC leaving only broad spectrum minor cannabinoids enhanced with terpene formulations focused on consumer reported effects as documented by Strainprint®.


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4 Pack


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20 mg, 80 mg/Total


20 mg 80 mg/Total


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